Vedanta College

Vedanta College, Kolkata established by Vedanta Foundation with the motive of providing quality education to the underprivileged youth who do not have access to such education due to financial constraints. The college endeavours to mould future leaders who will be capable of shaping their future with a concern for whole human community.


Vedanta College aspires to establish an educational institution of distinction that would transform lives and communities through learning, quality academic programs and comprehensive support services such as financial aid, career advice and job seeking assistance to students.

Our mission is to focus on the holistic development of the individual, to inculcate leadership qualities, to foster entrepreneurship programs that promote self-employment and to infuse a sense of discipline for becoming a responsible citizen with highest calibre in every walk of life.


“Education should not be confined only within books; it should open new doors for innovative minds! “

“Having immense faith in the Sanskrit saying, ” VasudhaivaKutumbakam ” lies in “VedantDarshan”, we strongly believe that the college is one large family and therefore aim at devoting the achieved treasure of Mother Earth for the welfare of our dear students.”