Name: Asmita Chakraborty Course: B.Sc (Zoology)

School: St. Stephens School (ISC – 87%)

I feel extremely privileged to be a part of SAAMARIK CASE STUDY CHALLENGE, which was an online National Case Study Challenge that gave us the opportunity to showcase our analytical and critical thinking skills. THANK YOU VEDANTA COLLEGE FOR PROVIDING US SUCH OPPORTUNITY.

Name: Riza Shakir Course: B.Sc (Zoology)

School: The Assembly of God Church School (ISC – 71%)

Participating in such a competition was very challenging for me and my team mates as we belonged to Science background. But we did not let this hurdle come our way and instead we worked even harder. There were many things that we learned from this competition, all of which cannot be mentioned here, but the most important was the power of team work and faculty support. How one can overcome their problems, if determined then nothing is impossible as our team stood Second out of 140+ teams all over India

Name: Anwesha Maity Course: B.Com (H) – FY

Interview Link :

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! HIGH FIVE! Anwesha Maity, B.Com (H) – FY , has been the First place in National Writing Challenge held from 17.05.2021-19.05.202, organised by The Unheard Stories (TUS).