Geography Laboratory

The Geography Laboratory offers outstanding experimental infrastructure, which is required to carry out all laboratory work for undergraduate courses in Geography that follow the University of Calcutta’s CBCS syllabus. We make sure that students have ample space in the lab to complete their geographical work. We also have prismatic compass, Dumpy Level, Theodolite, Abney Level, and laser distance meter, soil sample kit on hand.  We also have computers in our lab for G.I.S & Remote Sensing purpose. Various rocks and minerals samples are available for identification in our department. Because our college has a modern infrastructure, the students will undoubtedly benefit from it.

IT  Laboratory

As part of a holistic approach towards education and dissemination of knowledge, Vedanta College takes immense pride in instituting an expansive IT Laboratory for its students as per their academic and industry needs. The IT Laboratory is highly sought-after for it provides basic computer courses along with the advanced programming classes. Having been designed keeping in mind the changing needs of the CBCS system under Calcutta University, the IT Laboratory is enabled with an efficient Wifi network with around 60+ computers networked in unison. We have been persistently upgrading our IT infrastructure with all kinds of assistance from IT professionals at our campus.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory is a well-equipped space with instruments and quality reagents that are required for experiments in the undergraduate course as per Calcutta University syllabus. It not only contains fume hood with vacuum lines, Ostwald viscometer, digital PH Meter with combined electrode, digital conductivity meter with cell, colorimeter, analytical balance, rough balance, magnetic stirrer with hot plate, hot air oven but also a magnificent array of glass apparatus including burette, flasks, beakers required for analytical experiments along with for small synthesis. Furthermore, we at VCK have followed all safety measures for our students in the laboratory, under the expert supervision of our abled professors.

Physics Laboratory

Physics Laboratory has an excellent experimental infrastructure that is required to carry on all the laboratory work of the undergraduate courses in Physics according to the University of Calcutta syllabus. Here, we ensure that students get enough space in the laboratory for carrying out experiments. Moreover, we have instruments like the moment of inertia table, flywheel, travelling microscope, sextant, inverting telescope, Carey Foster bridge, Wheatstone bridge, reflection magnetometer, Fresnel biprism, sodium source, to name a few. Our department even has a separate darkroom for carrying out different optics experiments. Furthermore, the presence of a high-end computer facility for our students equips them to learn the Python programming language.

Zoology Laboratory

Zoology Laboratory is well spaced with facilities for experiments in the undergraduate course as per the new CBCS syllabus of Calcutta University. This laboratory has a cutting-edge setup with bacteriological incubator, centrifuges, gel apparatus, and compound microscopes. As our college is apprised of a modern infrastructure, the students are sure to get benefited from the same. The museum has a store of well-labeled vertebrate and invertebrate specimens, slide specimens and histological slides. We have a locker facility for our students within our laboratory. Furthermore, maintaining student-safety in the lab is of foremost priority. We encourage students to learn good laboratory practice here.Botany Laboratory is delivering its students personalized project-based learning experience, exposure to well-equipped lab facilities, and access to high-quality study materials. During in-vivo and in-vitro experiments, our students are made to excel in handling laboratory glass goods, chemicals and instruments like compound microscope, BOD shaker, laminar airflow cabinet, microbe and plant culture units, centrifuge, induction, etc., under strict supervision of our experienced faculty members. Moreover, their lab session includes hands-on training on sterilization process, microscopic analysis, DNA, RNA, protein isolation, microbial culture, handling of samples, anatomical slide preparation, phytochemical quantification to name a few. Our department adheres to all parameters that make our students the best of the lot.
Zoology Lab 1
Zoology Lab 2 

Botany Laboratory