Vedanta College, Kolkata Alumni Association is an institution of ex-students, present students and faculty members of Vedanta College, Kolkata. The association has the following broadly identified objectives.

  • To establish and maintain contact among the ex-students, present students and Vedanta College, Kolkata.
  • To pursue and sustain excellence in education by interaction among the alumni, faculty members and present students of Vedanta College, Kolkata.
  • To improve Industry-Institute-Interaction and help the training and placement cell for  benefit of the students of Vedanta College, Kolkata.
  • To extend financial assistance and co-operation to the institute, as well as to deserving former and present students of Vedanta College, Kolkata in its endowment for the growth and development of education and research in the field.
  • To generate funds and/or to establish endowment by donations to extend loan scholarship for the present meritorious students on merit-cum-means basis.
  • To generate fund through donations for conducting activities helpful in achieving the objectives of Vedanta College, Kolkata.
  • To provide common platform for exchange of ideas and disseminating the knowledge in the field.
  • To perform other constructive activities leading towards the enhancement of the skills and knowledge of the alumni members.